Custom chart with duration per build step and filterable agents


I am conducting some performance testing and want to compare the build time for two build stages between Teamcity agents. The build stages I am interested in is number 4 and 5 and for reference they are named "make kits" and "validate build".

Five years ago Andrey Titov answered the question "How to show build step's duration on a custom chart" in this thread

I would like to create a custom chart with duration per build step 4 and 5 and also have agents selectable as filters like for the default "success rate" or "build duration" charts. Is it possible to get agents selectable in the custom chart?

Chart layout:
Y axis: Time for Build step 4 and 5 (separately)
X axis: Build number
Filter: Per agent

If it is not possible to have two build stages in the graph per agent then making two charts, one per build step is fine. I just need to get agent as a selectable filter in the custom chart so I can compare build step times by agents.

I have read the custom charts documentation but did not make much headway getting it to work. A set of common examples to copy and paste from would help a lot for adding charts in the xmls serverside.

Are there any custom charts gurus out there? Thank you in advance.

Best regards,

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Unfortunately, the agents filter is unavailable for custom charts. The feature request is ancient (, and I don't think we will handle it in the nearest future. The TC frontend redesign (aka Sakura UI) is well going though, so I really hope the team will rework build charts at some point. 

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Hi Andrey Titov

Thank you for the quick response. Now I know the state of charts and that it cant be done for the time being.

/ Stefan


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