Authentication is required but no CredentialsProvider has been register

I am getting a new error when I start a new build in TeamCity 2020.2. I was still working a week ago. This is the error message:

[ERROR] Failed to perform fetch
 Authentication is required but no CredentialsProvider has been registered

at (
at pl.project13.maven.git.JGitProvider.fetch (

I did not change the anything with TeamCity, so this error surprised me. I cannot determine how and why it comes up now. Same TeamCity version & configuration. The login stayed the same. I tried git paths from Bitbucket & Github, but I get the same error with both, even though the login credentials are correct.

Also, TeamCity has no issue noticing that there were changes to the repo itself. Old builds fail now too. Also, locally Maven has no problems.


I have tested building the Maven project hosted privately on GitHub using the general access token authentication and could not reproduce this issue on the latest (2023.11) version of TeamCity. 

Please note that you use an outdated TeamCity version [that is no longer supported]( We don't provide regular technical support for unsupported versions, and they are extremely unlikely to receive updates. Please consider upgrading to the latest version available. Since your version was released, there have been many fixes and improvements in various product areas, including [security]( You can find release notes for particular releases on [this page]( A short summary of what's new in each release can be found on [this page](

Could you provide the following information? It may indicate possible causes of this error.
1. What authentication method are you using to authenticate TeamCity in GitHub for accessing your repository? Please provide the screenshot of the authentication settings in VCS Root properties.
2. Full build log of the failed build.
3. Screenshots of Maven build step settings (please show advanced settings as well).

You can upload the screenshots to and share the upload ID here to share it privately.

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