Inquiry on upgrading SQL Server version on TeamCity server


I'm working on setting up unit tests to auto-run with our TeamCity builds. Some of our tests run against a unit test database that we have stored as mdf and ldf files that get attached to a SQL Server instance, and I've ran into an issue where the SQL Server version on the TeamCity server is too old to attach our mdf/ldf files. 

Is it possible to update the SQL Server version from 2017 to 2019 on the TeamCity server? If so, is this something TeamCity handles or my team will need to do? I spoke with one of my IT teammates and we are unsure about upgrading it ourselves as we're wondering if it could mess something up with it being compatible with TeamCity or losing data in the TeamCity database, plus we don't have a Product Key for the upgrade (Standard installation).


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I responded to your support request but figured I would share the information here as well, in case some others find it helpful.

It is possible to upgrade your database from MSSQL 2017 to 2019. TeamCity supports any MSSQL versions later than 2005, see the complete list of supported databases here: Supported Databases.

You can either use the provided maintainDB script to facilitate the migration or whatever database tools you're most comfortable with. Please see our documentation covering database migration available here: The process will be the same when moving from one external database to another, so I think you'll find this documentation helpful.

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Thank you very much Eric!


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