TeamCity plugin documentation is outdated?

I am trying to learn how to develop my own custom TeamCity plugins).

Following the documentation here:

I'm having difficulties in creating my first sample plugin based on the docs:

  • The page here mentions that TC comes bundled with a "sample plugin" that comes bundled with TeamCity, however i cannot locate this zip file:
  • The docs here specify that I should install Apache Maven 3.2.5 (7 year old ??) this version is not available on the Maven website anymore. Is this information outdated or what ?
  • Following the instructions on that docs page, i could not generate a plugin, when building in Inellij Idea CE, getting this warning: [WARNING] The following patterns were never triggered in this artifact inclusion filter:
    o 'com.demoDomain.teamcity.demoPlugin:demoPlugin-server'

Did anyone else experience such issues? what am i doing wrong?

Ideally, i'd expect that for a sample plugin that shows a "Hello World" message i would just follow a list of few steps to get it working.


Hi, thanks for the feedback, we'll update the documentation. 

You can use the latest Maven version I think, it should work.

As for the error could you please provide a bit more details at what point you see it? 


P.S. also you can consider using Gradle to develop a TeamCity plugin


Dmitry Treskunov i was trying to follow the instruction on your docs page.

You say that it's possible to use Gradle - i'm wondering what would be the default "go to" option for developing new TeamCity plugins nowadays, and what would be the best learning resource for me to check out in order to product a sample plugin and learn the basics?

Regarding the error i posted - i was following the instructions on your documentation page (linked above in my original post), the error is shown in Intellij Idea when running Maven package.


Lior Tal Hi, there is no default option, the Maven flow is supported by us, the TeamCity team, while the Gradle one is external but very well maintained.

As for the sample plugin, you are right, not it's not included in the TeamCity distribution, we'll fix it. Meanwhile you can use other open-sourced plugin as an example, for instance this one

And as for the warning/error when generating a plugin using our instruction could you please open a support ticket here and we'll try to figure it out.



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