[TeamCity Cloud] Licensing issue


Hi guys

This morning we discovered such error on our TeamCity Cloud Beta website:
"You don't have enough active user licenses to cover all the current committers. Builds that contain changes from the unlicensed committers will fail."

Under Cloud Account Overview menu in Administration I can see that we have 10 and used all of them.

Button "Upgrade your plan..." is inactive.

Button "Add licenses..." is inactive.

It it even possible to upgrade? If yes, guide me please. 

Fedor Rumyantsev


Sorry for the confusion - this is just a warning for now, which should not affect the build logic. Could you please create a private request via "Submit a request" option above and share your instance URL there, so that I could check with Cloud team if extra licenses could be assigned to your instance? 

Fedor Rumyantsev

Just as a quick update - looks like build credits were already added to all beta instances. If you see that your account has build credits in the Cloud Account Overview but the warning is still present, please run any build and this should help. 

Kindly let me know if the warning persists nonetheless.


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