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in TeamCity it's easy to use docker images as an environment where we can run build jobs. 

Is there option to use singularity images in same manner? We have some HPC jobs and using singularity images in both teamcity and our HCP setup would be of great help.

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It doesn't look like we have a plugin specifically for Singularity to be used like the Docker Wrapper feature in TeamCity if that's what you mean. However, I would imagine you could install the TeamCity Build Agent in a Singularity container to be used as a build environment for your builds. Each build agent in your platform can provide a customized build environment and be assigned to only run certain build configurations through the use of Agent Pools

Without knowing more of the specifics of your use-case, I'm not sure if it can meet your requirements. Please provide some additional details on how you would like to use TeamCity in your projects with Singularity. Perhaps there are more options, depending on your objectives.

If we don't have exactly what you need, you are always welcome to submit a feature request at We use our YouTrack site (which is publicly available) to determine which features are included in future releases. 


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