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I configured latest (0.72) AzureAD auth plugin on TC 2020.2.1 plugin for authentication, and I'm happy enough with it that I disabled basic auth on my test instance, and I'm working only with it.

To avoid users looping trhough the (confusing for them) login page still presenting local auth option (disabled) with just a small link to log-in via AzureAD, I even redirected /login.html to /aadlogin.html via the reverse proxy I've in front of the teamcity server.

Problem happens at logout time:

logout doesn't call AzureAD Oauth logout endpoint, but just redirects to login page, which in my case triggers a second auth with no questions asked.

Is it possible to integrate logout management in the plugin? 

Do I have a way of reconfiguring where logout does redirect to?

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I have the same problem or at least a similar.

I have also installed the Azure AD plugin and the login is working. But I would like to have the login via Azure AD as default login method and the normale authentication only via hidden link (only for admins) available.

Like Alessandro I thought about redirecting the normal login page to this "/aadLogin.html" page but then I will have the same issue he has.

Is there maybe a built-in function to replace the login page or change the url that is used for login?


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