Versioned settings changes cannot be applied - clean installation and on first checkout

I built a DSL configuration for my TC installation v2019, this configuration is committed in my GIT VCS, now I've another brand new TC instance v2020.2.1.
I'm trying to apply the configuration I have on GIT on this new installation.

When I try, I receive the error, and ther's no way to go ahead:

Cannot find previous revision of project:
[MyProject], skip updating settings to revision b429fb0ad33d35fbbf65740b1sa31sb5cb3b7.
Please commit current project settings into VCS first. 

In the older empty TC v2012 installation I receive this error but a simple "empty" commit resolves, in 2020.2.1 this workaround is not working.

This post seems slightly similar to this other.
Not sure it's the same issue

I found a workaround disabling the synchronization, set again all context parameters, and enable again the synchronization.

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I am able to produce the same error message if my TeamCity 2019 instance used to create the DSL did not generate portable DSL. Can you check the versioned settings tab for the project on the TeamCity 2019 instance to see if the Generate portable DSL scripts checkbox is selected? 

For additional information on sharing DSL, please see


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