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Python runner in Python3 mode can't make use of the virtualenv option as provided because that module DOES NOT EXIST! Python3 renamed it to `venv`.  Mixing python2 env with python3 runtime is ill advised and we dont desire to have any python2 on our host where possible to avoid issues.

If the python environment is specified as python3 the options should be corrected to venv instead of virtualenv for the command line switch.

Moreoever it seems like an additional instruction is required that you must add a config variable of python3.executable=/usr/bin/python3 or the build agent wont recognize that it has python3 available to it even if it is in the PATH.  This was completely overlooked and skipped over in the python runner demo video.  


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Thanks for the comments. The Python runner is new, so it may have some quirks. We appreciate your feedback regarding these issues. Please continue to report such findings and you are always welcome to report bugs and feature requests directly to our public YouTrack site here: Our YouTrack site is monitored directly by our developers and the information is used to determine which features are included in future releases.

It looks like we have a feature request for venv to be added to the python runner here:

The Python3.executable detection contained a bug, as you noticed. This bug has been filed and a fix is included in the next release (2020.2.2), which we anticipate to be released on 1/29/2021:




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