Unsupported change detected


Hi, sometimes in branches we get (using Kotlin settings in VCS)

[Read build settings from revision {hash}] Unsupported change of version control settings in the build configuration '{name}' has been detected in the settings taken from VCS, the current settings from TeamCity server will be used instead
What can be the issue / how can we investigate what is actually wrong? It would be good if the error message was much more specific
Thank you!

Hello Jiří,

What is the version of TeamCity in use? For the affected builds,

1) is the build configuration actually stored with versioned settings feature?
2) if yes, for the affected builds, are there any changes on the versioned settings repository?

If you could share the teamcity-versioned-settings.log files which cover any of the issues above via https://uploads.jetbrains.com, that would help too.


We have this situation. The circumstance is that there's a .teamcity/settings.kts file which imports another file - the nearby branchContext/branchContext.kt file with a line like this:

import branchContext.Context
That context file has only the things that we want to be different between branches.

We *also* have a patch - a .teamcity/patches/projects/_Self.kts file, which also adds a build report tab, which was generated by a change in the TeamCity UI.


Any ideas? The change that started this behavior is just the position of a quote in a build step script.


We're on TeamCity Professional 2022.10 (build 116751)


Ok, I figured this out. Someone (*ahem*) edited the VCS root yesterday to add a command line argument to enable Perforce parallel sync. That person then clicked Save and was presented with a dialog that said “Sorry, you can't save this”, but then TeamCity *did* save it behind that person's back. Then any change to the Kotlin file responsible for generating our build configurations was ignored with the error above ^^. with the OutdatedProjectModelException error which https://youtrack.jetbrains.com/issue/TW-75560/ describes.

My fix was to change the VCS root configuration from "Synchronization enabled" to "Synchronization disabled", save that, then go back to “Synchronization enabled” and re-apply Kotlin (it defaults to XML…) and Import Settings and we're back to working again.

The VCS root vis a vis Kotlin versioned settings setup is very rickety.



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