Commit Status Publisher to BitBucker Server does not work for some project

I enabled commit-status preset in diagnostics and I see in the teamcity-commit-status.log entries that pull request build was started and that the build finished. But when I go to the bitbucket UI for this PR, no build results can be seen. No errors in the teamcity-commit-status.log reported.

Surprisingly, there are some other TeamCity config and some other Bitbucket repositories, and Commit Status Publisher works well.

The project is very simple, it has just 1 vcs.

Unforutnately, teamcity-commit-status.log is not informative and does NOT include actul REST URLS that were called so that I could check that it formed the API call properly.


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Hi Vyacheslav, 

May I ask if you have a multi-node configuration of TeamCity server and also what version of Bitbucket Server do you use?


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The issue appeared immediately after upgrade from TeamCity-2020.1.5 to TeamCity-2020.2.1

I see there were significant changes in the Commit Status Publisher plugin in this version


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Hi Vyachelav, 

I don't think that the mentioned task has any effect on the Bitbucket repositories. We have another similar bug reported; please check TW-69519. Could you please also check teamcity-vcs.log for any problems reported? Do you see any errors in it? You can provide any additional information on the issue that I just mentioned. 

Thank you!

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We use just one instance of TeamCity server. I don't see any issues in the teamcity logs. 

I have attached the logs to


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We have the same issue. Bitbucket don't get notified about the build status anymore.. Did you already found a solution?



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