Trigger only on change to folder



Can someone tell me if this trigger rule is correct for only triggering a build on changes to files under the folder "/core/mbed/" or "/applications/apollo" ?  These are both relative to the root of the Git repo

My problem is that the build is always triggering on any file change, no matter what folder the changes are in

The only other interesting setting is that I have Azure PRs turned on.  But I thought that just extended the branch specification

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This looks to be correct, from what I can see in your screenshots, and it behaves as you are expecting if I set up the same VCS Trigger settings. Can you share a screenshot of the changes tab on the build results page? Be sure to tick the box for Show Files, if you're on the Classic UI.

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So, it appears TeamCity is considering a bunch of commits that are already in master (with the same git hash) as part of the changes.  For example, compare this PR, shown in Azure, that should not have run on this build queue:  It only has one commit (versus master)

But when you look in TeamCity, it thinks it has way more commits with changes (vs master?)

When TeamCity calculates changes, what is the base commit that it compares against?


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