MySql 5.5 upgrade in AWS RDS



AWS sent us a notice that they will auto upgrade our MySql RDS to 5.7 since support for 5.5 is going to end soon.

what i wanted to know is, what is the best way of doing that.

we used the TeamCity cloud formation template to create our instance:

do we need to update the stack? AWS also says that we'll need to update our instance type before we can upgrade the DB version.

any help will be appreciated. 


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Hi Tomer,

Unfortunately, the CloudFormation has been an experimental option which we did not recommend for production use. The reason being the CloudFormation TeamCity installation stack is very hard to maintain and upgrade. Due to that reason, we plan to discontinue maintaining the template and it is very unlikely to receive any further updates.

Since CloudFormation stack does not support an in-place upgrade and updating the stack will just cause it to replace the RDS instance with a new one, the best option that I see would be to migrate the installation by creating a backup and restoring it on a new installation. Please see more details about such an approach on this page:



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