Reinstalling Build agent without losing history


I'm reviewing my teamcity agent hardware configurations. There's some minor differences and I'll be moving agents to a new location soon. The straightforward solution is to uninstall the agent and do a new installation. I'm running into a problem though. If I use the old agent name without removing the agent on teamcity, the agent stays disconnected and a new one connects with -1 appended to the name. If I remove the old agent on teamcity I can use the old name, but I lose the build history.

How can I do a new installation, keep the agent name, and keep the build history on teamcity? For jobs I can transfer history from another job, is there something similar to this for agents?

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Agent has a property named authorizationToken which is used by the server to tell the agents apart. This property is saved in the <buildAgentInstallDir>/conf/ file after the first authorization on the server; if you copy the token over into a new agent installation (or a whole file, to also keep the name, folders and custom agent parameters if any), build history should be retained.


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