[TeamCity Cloud] Bitbucket Cloud integration reset


Hi guys,

We're using TeamCity Could beta. Instead of creating user accounts manually we're using Bitbucket Cloud integration. It worked well for a few weeks but now we're getting this error message during login:

I tried to configure connection between TeamCity and Bitbucket as described in documentation but I feel that I need to get rid of first connection created automatically by TeamCity Cloud (as you can see there're two Bitbucket Cloud connections. First one is autogenerated, and second one is manually created by me):

But there's no delete button. Is it possible to reset/delete autogenerated one? Or there's other way of getting integration working?

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Sorry for inconvenience. We are deploying the fix to servers (restart won't be needed). If you haven't received the fix yet you can send us the instance name in the related ticket: https://youtrack.jetbrains.com/issue/TCC-52

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