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Hi, I'm trying out Team City cloud. However, we were stung by a limitation in the default agents not supporting JDK14. I was in the process of creating my own EC2 image with the agent, however I discovered that there is no configuration option for Cloud Profiles in the cloud version.

Any plans to support JDK14?

And any plans to support Cloud Profiles in the cloud version? Having a dedicated server with an agent for a company of our size doesn't really make sense.

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Yes, we will add JDK14 on agents. As for own Cloud Profiles - we plan to allow defining them in future. 

Meanwhile if you're using a compatible runner you can use the Docker Wrapper to run your builds inside a docker with any JDK (eg 

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Getting failed to connect to Amazon EC2 error. See screenshot below while creating a new cloud profile. The instance is created in the AWS us-west-2 region. The server is running ntpd as well. Does it need to have a server URL without the port number? 


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