Upgraded to 2020.1.2 and submodule is now causing a problem



We are using git submodule in my group and it used to work just fine with TeamCity.
I have recently upgraded to 2020.1.2. and as soon as I did that, every time someone updates the submodule the agents are throwing an error message and the system stops working:

exit code:128
stderr: fatal: failed to unpack tree object f01d37e9848ceb5ddcb5d22a3**********
error: Submodule 'BringUp/submodule' could not be updated.
error: Submodule 'BringUp/submodule' cannot checkout new HEAD.
fatal: Could not reset index file to revision '384606ea914c7860f505eec00*********'.

Has anyone come across this issue? What should I do?


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Hi Assaf,


I was not able to find any other report of such an issue recently. The first suggestion would be to clear the local cache on the agent (under the agent's installation dir, system/git), and see if that helps. Since the upgrade includes reworked versions of the git plugin and the libraries we use it's not fully impossible that some corner case could present issues on outdated caches. If clearing it doesn't help, please enable debug-vcs on the agent: https://www.jetbrains.com/help/teamcity/viewing-build-agent-logs.html#Generic+Debug+Logging , run a build, then collect and forward the teamcity-vcs.log from the agent and build log to us using the submit a request button on top.


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