There are no compatible agents that can run this build



I'm running into an error about compatible agents that's keeping a "build-testing-and-merge" build from running.  However, best as I can tell, there's no intended reason that this build can't run.  Any idea what's going on?


The problem seems to have started when I added the Automatic Merge Build Feature.

But we can see that the agent is actually compatible.  Indeed, I haven't instituted any Agent Requirements.

And when we look at the agent itself, the build is included in the list of compatible builds

At one point I was thinking it might be an issue with having write permissions to github, but I did setup a github connection.  Maybe it's not properly associated with the agent or build?


Figured out what may be the issue.  Removing the "Merge branch ''" commit merge message, seems to have let it run.  Somehow I was able to rejigger it around to show me an error message about being an undefined requirement.

Fedor Rumyantsev


Apologies for the delayed response; good to know you have ironed this out! Yes indeed, this is an implicit requirement: The article has some details on how exactly this logic should work; the implicit requirement will also appear on the build configuration Parameters tab even if referenced parameter does not exist yet.


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