Is there a way to stop a build trigger when the current build is in progress.

Currently a build gets trigger if there is a  check in into the Source control. So when the build is in progress if there is another check in into the Source control another build gets triggered, when the current one is in progress. Is there any other option to stop the second build trigger when the current one is in progress. I know we have an option for schedule, but i don't want to use it.



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The queue optimization will try to stop the ongoing build if a newer revision build is triggered by VCS trigger and this will not delay the results, provided that this behavior is not disabled in the configuration settings ( However, it does not stop the newer builds from occurring. 

Could you please let me know the use case where you would like the newer revision build to be automatically stopped? From my point of view, that would incur the loss of data (e.g. build was auto-started, auto-stopped so now you would either have to wait until another check-in or start the build manually), so I would appreciate your view on the subject.


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