Build Error: Failed to perform checkout on agent: Unable to delete conflicting workspace


Both of my build agents are throwing this root error for all the applications it has:

"Failed to perform checkout on agent: Unable to delete conflicting workspace TeamCity-A6-bb83b3ab10c443e7a33c0a285d688cd9;edad1ed6-183e-4bb2-a41e-8b82fc3fa26f\alex. Please delete it manually"

Each time we try and run the build the same errors are thrown around the same time from when it started and the paths are different each time. I'm not very familiar with TeamCity as I have inherited this project from the lead dev who has since resigned and I'm stuck trying to figure out what I need to do to resolve this situation. Forgive my ignorance as I have virtually zero experience troubleshooting this.

So far I've tried:

- Looking at the TeamCity directory to see if these paths exist, haven't found any.
- Start a new build in hopes it clears up, still fails.

Any help to get me started is much appreciated. Thank you.

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Hello Jason,

The issue looks like build configurations ( which are started on build agents are trying to checkout TFS-based VCS root ( but fail in process. I also understand that the issue occurs when the build is started.

Could you please:
1) collect <build agent folder>/logs/teamcity-agent.log and teamcity-vcs.log files from any of the mentioned agents, and also <TeamCity server>/logs/teamcity-vcs.log from the server installation
2) send them over via Submit a request form at the top of the page?

Please also make a link to this thread in a request so it will be routed to me. 
For any questions or concerns, please let me know.


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