sometimes having two tests apearing in github instead of one


So all my teamcity builds are connected to my git repositories, and when im creating a pull request, i get a "TeamCity build started" message at the bottom, which is good.

My problem is, that sometimes, lets say my build configuration name is X, then i get two messages:

1: X ("my project name") TeamCity build started 

2: X ("my project name") -merge TeamCity build started 


I don't understand why i get two, and where is this "merge" message comes from (its before i merged the pull request)


Any idea?



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Hello Tamir,

Could you please provide:
1) teamcity-server.log file covering the build with extra status published
2) hidden artifacts for the build with extra status?

You may find hidden artifacts here:

Please use Submit a Request form in order to send the data to us in a private manner. I would be grateful if you could also leave a link to this thread in the request.


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