Are builds always run sequentailly when 'Run build on the same agent' is enabled on a snapshot


I am unclear on the actually behavior of "Run build on the same agent" when added to snapshot dependency.


Given B has a snapshot dependency on A with "Run build on the same agent" enabled

I understand with this configuration A will always run before B and B will be automatically be scheduled to the same agent as A.

My question is it possible for any other job to run on that agent between jobs B and A on that agent?

In my environment A is doing some expensive setup and I want to be sure no other build can occur in between A and B that could interfere.

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Hi Tim, 

The "Run build on the same agent" does not guarantee that no other build will be executed on the agent in between. There is a chance that the queue optimizer will put some other build in between. It is also possible to manually re-arrange the build queue to get the same effect.

I would suggest using a dedicated agent that is only compatible with build configurations A and B for your case.


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