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Does JetBrains offers a free license ?

This would be for evaluation of TeamCity and would involve only one server, one build agent, and a handful of build configurations.

This would used only in a development environment.

This would not be used to build/deploy production releases.

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There are several options:
1) you may use free evaluation option (, see the Evaluating? section at the bottom part of the page). This license allows unlimited number of agents/configurations, but will expire in 60 days. 

2) you could give a try to a Professional license ( This license is free to use, requires no license key (so you may simply install TeamCity and start working under this license), allows up to 100 build configurations and 3 build agents; you are not limited in its usage (e.g. whether it is evaluation or a part of production setup). 

3) finally, open-source projects may receive a free license under special terms:

You can find a good overview of available options here:
Hope you will find this helpful; please let me know if you have any further questions.


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