inconveniences when switch from Msbuild metarunner to .NET msbuild

we folowed the `Note that TeamCity stops providing active support for the MSBuild runner. Please use the .NET runner with the `msbuild` command instead`
and have switched to .NET msbuild, but we faced a problem with it's output wich has no block grouping.

The msbuild runner in build log groups all output by msbuild config's <Target>, <Exec> and others blocks:

The .NET msbuild runner just spits it out plain, which is uncomfortable to read

So is there any way to make .NET runner group msbuild output like the original msbuild runner?

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Thank you for your comment. Yes the build log is significantly changed. We I tried to make it more close to original Microsoft MSBuild log (even colors) because of the original Microsoft MSBuild log contains a bunch of details which were hidden in the TeamCity legacy build log. Also customers could not compare a TeamCity build log and build log from the command line and it was inconvenient especially in the cases when something was wrong in a TeamCity build but local build is ok (or vice versa). The newest TeamCity logger uses bloks as well. Could you try different logging verbosity levels, maybe this will somehow make the unusual look more familiar? But if it is really inconvenient, we will think about how to solve this problem (maybe we will add a special verbosity mode like "TeamCity").

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yes, increasing verbosity level make things better. But there still only <Target></Target> generates text blocks. No <Exec> and others


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