Propagate a newly created&pushed branch name from a build to the next build trigger


I have three configurations:


Deploy triggers when Build1 or Build2 finishes
Deploy needs the branch name that was built, in order to deploy after build finishes

Build1 is a maual build, so branch is picked from drop down

Build2 creates a new branch, based on build parameter.


Deploy picks branch name perfectly from Build1

Deploy does not pick the branch name from Build2, though, it triggers on default branch instead.


In the documentation it says I should be using Snaphost dependencies if I want to share a build.

The problem with Snaphot dependencies is that, If Build1 triggers Deploy, Deploy will run Build2 and that is something I don't want.

Any way to pass the branch name from configuration to configuration without using Snapshot dependency?


Thanks you.

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Hi Efrain,

If I understand your problem correctly, the easiest way is to build a template out of the Deploy build configuration and to create two separate build chains:



It makes sense to separate these build chains because, unless you need Build1 to deliver Build2, these are two independent builds. You will need to use snapshot dependencies in order to pass the value of the parameter from Build2 to Deploy.

How do you currently pass the branch name from Build1 to Deploy without using snapshot dependencies?


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