Build triggered by changes to projects not in its checkout rules


I'm migrating to TeamCity, starting with a subset of projects - call it "Alpha". The projects outside the subset which are dependencies of projects in Alpha are being built by script whenever a change is detected in the projects outside Alpha.






I have 2 VCS roots - one for Projects and the other for Alpha. Projects root checkout rules are:



The checkout rules for Alpha are:




However, a change to \Alpha\bb also causes a build of projects a, b and c (dependencies which haven't changed)

Can you point me to what I may have missed in the configuration that is causing this?



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In order to better understand your issue, would you be able to share a screenshot of your build chain? The build chain will show us how your dependencies are related, From there, we can look at each of the builds involved and what the potential triggers may be.

See our documentation on Build Chains here:

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Thanks Eric. The problem was my understanding of snapshot dependencies. I read a bit more on them and solved the problem. Thanks for the response.



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