Browser Notifier / Can't see if build is broken at a glance


One of the best things about the soon to be deprecated Windows Tray Notifier is that the icon changes when the build breaks.

It would be great if we could get the TC extension icon to change if the build breaks.





Fedor Rumyantsev

Hello Lewis!

I have just discussed this logic with the development team. It was not implemented because this was considered to be not too informative:
a) if, per the notification settings, builds are frequent, generic bit of data (something has failed) would be less helpful;
b) usually there are several build configurations being watched - the extension also allows to track multiple servers in parallel, meaning that the icon-based notification goes less informative the more potential events it may be triggered on.

In order to make the notifications more readable, we have this feature request:
Would it improve the usability of Browser Notifier for you?


I beg to differ with your development team, but the Tray Notifier serves a great purpose, especially for smaller teams. We just want an indicator if any of our builds are broken.

The Browser Notifier only works if I have a Team City session open in the browser. I usually don't.

Please keep the Tray Notifier!


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