Visual Studio 2019 Support


Hi JB community, I hope you all are doing well.

I got a quick question regarding MS support. Our organization is currently using TC version 2018.2.1 (build 61078) and VS 2015. Our R&D team wants to upgrade to Visual Studio 2019 and they asked me to check for license quantity (from TC perspective).

The first thing I wanted to do is to check whether or not our current TC version supports VS 2019? I've checked all the Build Steps and the only Runner Type that uses VS is the Visual Studio Tests (which use MSTest 2015 engine\version). The build itself seems to be executed via Powershell and lots of Invoke-Incredibuild\ Invoke-VS which I guess won't be much of an issue when upgrading from VS 2015 to 2019.

Thanks in advance and keep safe,


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VS 2019 support was introduced in the 2019.1 release:


Since TeamCity 2018.2 itself is out of support, we would strongly recommend upgrading.

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Hi Denis,

thanks for the quick replay :) 

will check the possibility to upgrade TC to a newer version without causing any problems.




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