build triggering & artifact dependency on multi-branch configuration



I am not sure if I set our TeamCity build chain correctly:

We have the following setup:

  • build configuration A (based in git, several branches at the same time), produces the artifacts
  • build configuration B which is triggered on the build branch filter +:* (any branch)

The artifact dependency is set to "Last successful build", branch filter +:*

Is it garantueed that if build A.1 (built on <default> branch) and build A.2 (built on e.g. release/x.y.z branch) are both finished at the same time trigger 2 builds, that also grab the correct artifact (B.1 the one from A.1 and B.2 the one from B.2) with my setup, even if they stay in the queue?


  • A.1 is finished before A.2
  • B.2 is started, B.1 is in the queue
  • does B.1 take the artifact from A.1 or will it take A.2?


Thanks for any reply :-)




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I was able to fix the problem by using the following in build B

  • snapshot dependency to build A
  • artifact dependency (use from same build chain) of build A



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