Teamcity and ssh agent



I am trying out Teamcity to build our Java projects. Now am I using the docker server and agents within kubernetes.

Everything seems to work without problems but I cannot find a direct solution for a problem I want to solve:

One build builds an api with a openapi json file. I use that file to generate clients which I want to push to a git repository so that it can be used by other projects.

Now I am able to generate the client code but I cannot find an way to push the data to the git repository. I can do it with a script but I miss a ssh key.

I read about the SSH Agent feature which could solve the problem but I cannot find it within the "Build features" of the Docker Teamcity server.

Does anyone know how to activate and use it?



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Which version of TeamCity are you using? Is it one of the official JetBrains Docker Image?

The SSH Agent should be an option in the Build Features drop-down, are you saying it is not in the list? 

Here is the documentation on the SSH Agent Build Feature:

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Sorry I overlooked something and have found the ssh-agent build feature, oops sorry :)

I used a wrong image of the build agent but I switched to the official one and now I have the option.



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