Deploying php website with buildstep FTP Upload fails after x minutes



I am trying to setup teamcity to upload my website from a bitbucket repo. 
Teamcity in installed locally on my work machine. 
Webserver is installed at azure. 

each time i try to run the build step it fails after x minutes varies from 5 to 40 minutes. 

it succeds to transfer some of the files but not all. 

any idea why? 

getting two errors

[14:58:36][Step 1/1] < 250 CWD command successful
[14:58:36][Step 1/1] > PORT 192,168,87,106,220,154
[14:58:55][Step 1/1] Deployment problem: Read timed out
[14:58:55][Step 1/1] Step Upload to (FTP Upload) failed
[14:33:36][Step 1/1] > PORT 192,168,87,106,235,58
[14:33:36][Step 1/1] < 200 PORT command successful
[14:33:36][Step 1/1] > NLST
[14:33:36][Step 1/1] < 500 LST not understood
[14:33:36][Step 1/1] Deployment problem: Failed to upload artifacts via FTP. Reply was: 500 LST not understood
[14:33:36][Step 1/1] Step Upload to (1) (FTP Upload) failed
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Apologies for the delay with response.
The error message hints that NLST command (an alternative to LIST command providing less data) was not recognized by the remote server. Is that a IIS-based FTP site? If yes, what is the version?

Otherwise, what is the FTP server installed on the remote server? Please also let me know the relevant versions of OS/FTP server software so I could try to find out whether NLST is supported on this combination or not.

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Hi Fedor

Thanks for the reply, I appreciate it.

The server is a CentOS Linux 7.7.1908


Webmin:           1.942

Usermin:           1.791

Virtualmin:       6.09



The hostname of the server is:

The FTP module (I think it is called) is ProFTPd version 1.35

The virtual servers that I create and try to deploy to has a Let's Encrypt Certificate.

Issuer name                                  Let's Encrypt Authority X3

Issuer organization                    Let's Encrypt  

Expiry date                                    Aug 1 17:40:10 2020 GMT

Certificate type                           Signed by CA


Do you need more info?

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As per my check, ProFTPd of your version does support NLST command so the issue looks weird. Can I ask you to also provide a screenshot of your FTP upload step settings? 

In addition, you may also check the connectivity manually. You may manually establish FTP connection via

ftp <your_ftp_server_here>

and then run

ftp quote NLST

so to check if this command is properly handled by the FTP server.

On a side note, what is the TeamCity version you are running?


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