Aggregating custom test metrics


I have added an additional numeric metric to our tests using service messages as described here: . I can now see this metric (SQL query count) as a piece of additional metadata for each test, and see graphs over time per test. So far so good. I'm wondering, does TC have the facility to sum a value across all tests in a particular build automatically, so that I can graph the total query count for our test suite over time? Or do I have to create something to that aggregation myself and report it as a build metric at the end of the suite by hand?

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Hi Lucian, sorry for the late reply.

TeamCity does not have an ability to aggregate metadata values - you will need to to create something for the aggregation yourself. It may, however, be a good idea for us to export test metadata in a format like CSV so that you could easily aggregate the data you need in a way you need. I've created TW-66381 for the same.


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