Teamcity migration to Azure


Hello Everyone,

I am curious to know if it's possible to migrate TeamCity projects over to azure pipelines?

I am also aware that Teamcity is available from the Azure marketplace, another option i am looking at is migrating my premise TeamCity servers to azure. (have anyone done this, were there any issues you encountered?)

Any guidance is appreciated.

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for moving your TeamCity installation to Azure, you can pretty much use the default process: If you plan on moving the database as well, we would recommend moving first the database with your on premises installation, ensuring that it works, then moving the server. This is to ease troubleshooting should any issue arise in one of the processes, as if both are taken at the same time, that would make it much harder to trace.


With regards to migrating to Azure pipelines, as you can imagine, we cannot offer you assistance with that.


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