Build chain patterns for build, test, deployment - prevent untested artifacts being deployed

I have three builds.

A) Build artifact

B) Test artifact

C) Deploy artifact


A and B have snapshot dependencies configured and A publishes an artifact for later use by C.

C runs of different source code, but should just be able to be manually triggered by someone to deploy the latest build that's passed through B.

C has a snapshot dependency on B and an artifact dependency on A.

A has build #1 and #2

B has only done #1 so far.

However, when clicking the configurable version of the Deploy button on C then I get the option of deploying with artifact #2 from build A. It does correctly then force the artifact #2 on build B, but I don't want to even see that option or allow it to automatically happen. I only want it to use what has already got to the snapshot dependency of C, which is B.

This doesn't feel right. What can I do to ensure that you can only use artifacts further down the pipeline that have actually got to the previous stage are the ones picked up?




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