Pausing Builds and Kotlin Settings


We have a build that is currently paused on the server via the Kotlin settings file checked into our Git repo.


When we try to unpause the build via the Kotlin settings file and re-build the pull request the build does not unpause.  It is like a paused build doesn't check the Kotlin settings files in VCS before deciding it is paused.


Is this correct or am i missing something?

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Hello Tom!

I have just done a quick test with project A, containing a build configuration B. B has been paused, and A configuration was stored into VCS; after that, I`ve amended the VCS data to unpause the B and loaded the configuration from VCS; configuration B on TeamCity side has been unpaused as a result.

The second test was mostly similar to the first, except that I did not load the configuration explicitly, but instead opted in to use VCS settings whenever build starts and just started the configuration in question (which also caused the configuration to unpause).

Could you please confirm:
a) what is the setup on versioned settings you use? (screenshot from the tab would be preferred)
b) what were the actions you took when you tried to load VCS settings?


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