Deploy TeamCity to Kubernetes via Helm

I don't see anything in the docs about how to run this on Kubernetes, nor anything about Helm charts other than a few random, barely maintained Helm charts on github by the community.

There is really no official support for this kind of modern setup?


Hi TeamCity Team,

Do you at least have any recommendation or experience running teamcity server/agents on kubernetes? 

Thank you


also - it would be nice to get some input on how to migrate to an external database for a running teamcity deployment to kubernetes (the "stop server" flow is not clear on k8s)


Actually, the links Pavel provided are for running agents in Kubernetes but not the TeamCity Server itself. I don't see any JetBrains docs on that.

Fedor Rumyantsev


While we do not have any Kubernetes-specific docs on how to run server part there, we have a Docker image and start-up instruction for the same here. I believe you may treat TeamCity container as you would treat any other instance, taking this instruction into account.

Please let me know if this helps.


Is there a reason why there is no helm chart setup by JetBrains? Because right now people will probably create their own helm charts for local/private use. And all the problems these people encounter will not be documented in public so everyone is trying to reinvent the wheel to make it as useful as possible. 

I would prefer a JetBrains approved helm chart with all default configuration setup so it runs by just doing a helm install and also some documentation on how to configure specific elements of TeamCity.

Because right now I am doing a lot of googling on how to optimally setup TeamCity for Kubernetes and trying to combine all the different foundings into a working TeamCity deployment.


Raymond Phua We are currently working on this. Please have a look at this feature request: TW-51891

We use the information on our YouTrack to determine which features are included in future releases. If this is something you'd like to see, please take a moment to vote/comment on the above feature request to share your interest. Any comments on our YouTrack site are routed directly to the responsible developer, making it a good place to share your use case with our team.

In the meantime, in case it is helpful to anyone, we do have some samples of Docker configurations here:


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