Move TeamCity Server & Agents into another subnet



I have TeamCity Sever and 3 agents (Linux, Windows, MacOS). Now I need to move all this into another subnet with change IP.

Everything is clear in the agents - BUILD_AGENT_HOME/conf/, change serverUrl.

And how to change the IP address of the server? Where are its settings? Do agents deauthorize? How to authorize them back?


Thank you very much in advance!

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Hi, changing the IP address of your server would be accomplished at the server level. Depending on what your Server OS is, the process will be different but you shouldn't need to do anything in TeamCity specifically. If you are making a copy of the server at another location, you should follow the guidelines in our documentation found here:

Of particular interest to you would probably be this excerpt:

Generally it is recommended to use a domain name to access the server (in the agent configuration and when users access the TeamCity web UI). This way you can update the DNS entry to make the address resolve to the IP address of the new server and after all cached DNS results expire, all clients will automatically use the new server. You might need to reduce the DNS server cache/lease time in advance before the change to make the clients "understand" the change fast.


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