Composite build that runs the same build configuration multiple times

I have a build configuration "Create package", that generates a particular build artifact per device type (iOS / Android / etc).

The device type is defined as a build configuration parameter, so all of these builds are essentially the same, differing only by a single parameter value.


I'd like to create a composite build that creates packages for all supported device types, e.g: in a single click, will create iOS, Android, PC, Mac, etc builds.

I couldn't find any simple way to achieve this via "composite builds", other than creating a template, with a build configuration per device type, and then chaining those under a single composite build, but that seems like a real overkill (and a bit of a mess...).

Is there any easy way to do this ? 

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Hi Lior,


The scenario you describe is the recommended approach, assuming that the build configuration cannot create all at the same time. The template (or if you are using kotlin, the code that creates the build) should share all the configuration, but having the different build configurations separate allows to easily see when one fails to produce the artifacts, and in the case any change would eventually be required to produce specific artifacts but not others, that makes adapting it much easier as well.


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