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I would my Teamcity job to track changes that are coming in from perforce and perform lightweight tasks with the changelist number but I do not want it to sync the workspace. 

Reason being , the workspace is very large and I do not need to sync it. The job will analyse the changelist then trigger other jobs who will sync the workspace and carry out work (if required). 

I have been unable to figure out how to configure the job to not sync the workspace. Am I missing something? 

Kind Regards


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Hi Stephen,


by syncing, do you mean strictly the use of the p4 sync command, or checking out entirely? The second should be very easy, in your build configuration, simply move to Version Control Settings, and the checkout mode, select Do not checkout files automatically. Disabling p4 sync is not possible completely as far as I am aware, but the VCS Root allows to add parameters for the p4 sync command so it might be possible to add something like -n to prevent a good part of the sync.


If you want checkout but no sync, there is always the option to disable the automatic checkout (as described above, select Do not checkout files automatically), and have the script handle all of it manually, since from your description it seems that you are mostly handling vcs information anyway.


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