Running dupFinder.exe from TC fails due to missing source parameter


Hi, we are using TC v. 8.0.5. Recently I got a task to set up ReSharper Code Inspection and Duplicate Analysis to our TC build. To set up CodeInspection I had to download and deploy the newest CommandLineTools package to our build agent. 

Then I set up new build step with Runner type Duplicates finder (.NET) and into Include I inserted the path to our solution (see attached picture). 

But this step will try to run the dupfinder.exe  as D:\TeamCity\BuildAgent\plugins\dotnet-tools\bin\dupfinder.exe /config=D:\tc\ba1\temp\agentTmp\dotnet-tools-dupfinder.config /logFile=D:\tc\ba1\temp\agentTmp\dotnet-tools-dupfinder.log

without compulsory source parameter which causes the dupfinder to fail. I haven't found any way how to pass this parameter to dupfinder. Could you please advice what am I missing? Or could this be caused by incompatible versions of TC and Command Line Tools?

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I think the core problem stems from the fact that you are using a version of teamcity that is over 6 years old, and has been out of support for over 4. If I understand your message correctly, the dupfinder being run is also from the latest version of the command line tools? It's not unlikely that there is some incompatibility between the parameters from that version and the current one.


I would strongly recommend moving to a recent release. You can at the very least install the professional edition in a test environment and check whether duplicates work there for you. Should it not, it's possible that there is something about your specific setup and it might need a more in depth investigation, but we are not aware of any major issue like the one you report between 8 and 2019.2.1, so it's likely that the mismatch between the dotnet tools and teamcity versions creates the current problem.


Also, as a quick side note, "\" is what relative paths should be compared to, so it's likely you should be able to drop that part entirely.


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