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We are using Linux based cloud agents for builds with teamcity. One problem that we ran into is that we need agents with more disk space than what is created by default. Is it possible to pass parameters and override defaults to the machines that are spawned as cloud agents? Such functionality could be used for other purposes as well...



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Hi Tomas,


Typically, the cloud images are generated directly on the GCP administration console, initially from starting boot disks that you should be able to configure on your own. As far as I know, storage space for this images should be determined by how you create the image or instance. You could create a new image that has a larger disk or modify the current instance configuration, but that's all done on GCP directly, not from within TeamCity.


With regards to general customization/parameters, as it currently stands, we don't ship Google Cloud support for agents bundled with teamcity at all, it is provided as an external open source plugin. If you need some degree of customization that the current one does not provide, you are welcome to modify it on your own and/or send a pull request for it. You can also send us a feature request via our issue tracker: , explaining your scenario a bit more in depth so that our dev team can evaluate the requirements and implement it if they can see its benefits.


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