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Getting ready to retire some old Windows Server 2008R2 build agents and upgrade them to WS 2019.  I'm looking for the page where there is a list of components (Node, MSBuild, etc) installed on the build agent that makes that particular build agent compatible with a given configuration.  In a previous version (currently running 2019.1.3), I believe this information used to be listed on the "Compatible Configurations" tab of the agent details page, however I only see the list of missing components in the Incompatible configurations column.  


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You can pick this information at the agent or build configuration level. If you access a build agent, you can check its "Parameters" tab to see all the parameters that have been detected. This are then used by the build configurations for their requirements. At the build configuration level, you can check under "Agent requirements" which implicit build requirements are added by the build steps.


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