How to deploy a personal build


I have a Build A that generates an artifact, a war file and a Build B (type is Deployment) that depends on the artifact of Build A and upload it to a remote server. When running a personal build on Build A, how can I then deploy the generated artifact using Build B?



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for non-personal builds we have the "Promote" action, which we do not have for personal builds because it has not been implemented yet: . Please vote for it to support getting it implemented and watch it for any comment on its progress.


Depending on how you trigger the builds and how they are setup, you could set a chain from B to A (by adding a snapshot dependency) and trigger B instead of A whenever you want to deploy, which can set all builds as personal if the VCS Root is shared between B and A. There are a number of caveats and limitations to chains including personal builds, as you can see in the related issues on the linked issue. Some of them have recently been brought back into active development and it's likely that it will help making it easier.


On the other hand, typically personal builds are builds that include changes that are not in the regular tree, so deploying them is not a common scenario. Under most scenarios, those changes would be properly committed to the tree and then that commit should be deployed instead of the personal build.


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