Getting _focus values from the REST API


I'm currently trying to generate links to my TeamCity build logs for failed builds that will be commented on where the build was triggered from. For convenience sake I want to include a _focus value in the link that correlates to where the failure in the build was, or even just getting the value for a certain step in the build. The only focus values I can find from the API are from the /app/rest/testOccurrences endpoint, but the configuration I am trying to implement this for doesn't have any tests. Is there any other way to get focus values from the API? 

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Hi Arman,


if you have build problems, instead of testOccurrences, you could try with "problemOccurrences". It does not have a "focus" value, but you can use log anchors:



That should give you an anchor to create a link for the log. Could you give it a try


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