Team City running a Adobe RoboHelp executable


This may be more a Robohelp issue but I am having difficulty in an executable for Adobe Robohelp not triggering when running in a command prompt build step in Team City.
Performing the same step on the agent desktop manually works fine.
Performing the same step as a Windows Scheduled task in a command prompt on agent desktop works fine.
Performing the same scheduled task in a command prompt build step also works fine (yes the task being triggered by Team City Command Prompt build step is indeed triggering the executable to run correctly).

I would really like to be running the exe directly from a Command Prompt build step (or PowerShell) in Team City so I don't need to sleep a set period of time while i wait for exe to finish.
Could there be something I can review to further diagnose this issue? Is there a way Team City is running command-line build steps that consider them interactive or something?

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Hi Shane,


I'm afraid I don't follow what the difference is between a "scheduled task in a command prompt build step" and "directly from a command prompt build step"? Typically this would mean running the same build manually or in a scheduled trigger, and the result of the build should not depend on that.


Command line steps usually run in a non-interactive fashion. Which exact type of shell it gets usually depends on how the build agent process is ran. You can run it as a service, which will present a number of limitations when using particularly UI-based tooling, or you can run it manually from a shell, where it will inherit the user's environment. More information here:


Otherwise, please be more specific about what exactly you mean. While debugging why exactly robohelp doesn't work would fall on adobe's side, as we don't know the specifics about it, there is a few of common issues related to running applications in teamcity, most often based on which environment they're being run.

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Hi Denis,

Thanks for your response! I think I have resolved the issue and I have it working in a Team City Command Prompt build step now.

The issue seemed to be related to a changing of property values inside the RoboHelp project (unbeknownst to me). Updating the command arguments meant it was soon resolved.

To help with understanding what I meant by "scheduled task in a command prompt build step", I had reached the point of 'crazy scientist', and had tested calling a Windows Scheduled Task from a Team City Command Prompt build step. This scheduled task was itself running the RoboHelp build command. This whacky process was working... Then I realised the account the scheduled task was running under was not the same as the TC agent... Which led me to realise a lack of privileges for the service account calling the command prompt build step in Team City.

Why these steps were working, I think it was down to a local repo not being cleared on fetch.

In summary, I think the problem is no longer a problem :) I wasn't thinking it was an issue with how TC worked but just wanted to reach out in case of anything like you suggested was the case (interactive vs non-interactive)

Thank you for your assistance.


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