Post 2019.2 Upgrade - Octopus Deploy Plugin


After upgrading from v9.1.1 to v2019.2 I was curious about how to upgrade the Octopus Deploy plugin and I couldn't find any clear info online. Currently we're on v2.6.3.37 and wanted to upgrade to the latest, 5.5.0.

Should I use the web UI to delete the prior version, then install the new version?

Or should I stop the TeamCity server, then just drop the ZIP file into C:\ProgramData\JetBrains\TeamCity\plugins ?

We also need to upgrade Octopus Deploy, which is on the same server. Will updating this install the latest plugin automatically?

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The usual approach to upgrading plugins is simply to upload them to the server. The plugin definition files inside usually help understand already whether it's an update or a separate one and will disable the older ones. You can safely delete the older one afterwards. Furthermore, in the last few releases the plugin subsystem was improved and for some of the plugins a restart is not required anymore.


In terms of upgrading the octopus server, I'm afraid that octopus will have to answer that. TeamCity will normally not do it on its own, we can under some circumstances detect updated plugins but they are usually on our own jetbrains repository, where we can check properly. It wouldn't be impossible for octopus to, during an upgrade, detect the teamcity installation and push their plugin to the plugins folder, but I'm not aware that it's the case.


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