Label only the builds in a Build Config matching a Git branch to use these in a dependant build


Given a build configuration that builds multiple branches (master, develop, pull-requests/*), is there a way of creating a label on the builds that are triggered by a change on a specific branch?

Basic problem:
All the builds are done the same, but for builds on `develop` we need to do some additional steps that that auto-deploys these builds.

I thought about solving this by adding a dependant build config that somehow used only the finished build artifiacts from the `develop` branch. An alternative would be to have an additional build step in the build config that only executed if we were on the right branch, but that doesn't seem quite "right".

I am open to other ways of solving this, though!


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Seems like such a branch dependant build step is going to land in the next version 2020.1:

That might work ...


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