Issue with VCS collecting changes


Have an issue with one project.
Cant collect changes from VCS because it cant find commit, in repo used as a submodule.

Looks like this 

Failed to collect changes, error: Error collecting changes for VCS repository '"SomeRepo" {instance id=262, parent internal id=39, parent id=someid, description: "RepoURL#refs/heads/master"}'
Collecting changes failed: jetbrains.buildServer.buildTriggers.vcs.git.submodules.MissingSubmoduleCommitException: Cannot find the 'bc9267f524e3c28315956a26e667b31cac9652f7' commit in the 'SomeRepo' repository used as a submodule by the 'AnotherRepo' repository in the '802f0342670381153f6ed16b39f106a8a6b8b5a8' commit at the 'some' path, VCS root: "Sometext" {instance id=262, parent internal id=39, parent id=SomeId, description: "RepoURL#refs/heads/master"}

Commits exists, and i'm think about some problems with submodule system.

Cant find some information, so try to ask there.

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do this submodules live in private repositories? Or do they use some other method of authentication over the main repository? Also, which version of teamcity are you running?


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