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I would like to know if there is a possibility to trigger an  additional reloading of properties from file found in the project checkout directory ?
The problem is that we do some additional cherry picking of git patches on top of the already checked out project in one of the build steps, and a new version of files might be checked-out. This new version of files might contain an updated file, but the updated values inside the file would not be applied to teamcity parameters, because the loading of these properties occurs immediately after the initial project repository checkout is executed, which isn't correct in our case, cause the initial project version might not be up-to-date.

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Hi Tadas,


I'm afraid there is no way to reload this file mid build, but it sounds like a rare scenario. In case you really need it, it should be relatively easy to parse the file and report the new parameters via service messages:


This parameters via the service messages would be available for subsequent steps, not the current one, but that should do the trick.


Another possibility would be to handle the cherry picking and modification of anything you need in one build, then apply the changes and have a second build trigger using the new/consolidated changes that will then load directly the appropriate settings without needing to resort to this actions. It would help in separating the concerns of choosing the settings and actually performing the tasks if that's something you'd be interested in.


If you would like to have an option to reload this file mid build, please consider sending a feature request to our tracker: detailing your scenario. If we can understand the need better it should be easier for us to implement some way of reloading the settings directly.


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