Agent can't build project


I have different questions in regards to TC and OD:

6 months ago I made a fully working setup of TeamCity on a Windows 10 machine. All 9 projects were are to be build with my 3 agents.
I made a complete backup and now I loaded this backup into a new version of TeamCity on a Utunbu 18 - everything worked out well in regards to the migration itself.
But now the agent/build queue reports: "There is no compatible agent which can run this build". Further when I click the failed build: Incompatible runner: OctopusDeploy: Push Packages.

This "Push package" build step contains a ref. to a Octopus Deploy Cloud instance which were shut down. I managed to setup my own OD server at AWS and entered the URL and API key into TeamCity - but I still receive this error message? How should I enter the URL (port) in TeamCity to my own OD instance at AWS and should I configure anything else to make it work? In-going ports 80 and 443 is already accepted by the AWS server.

Check the screenshots below - for a better understanding:


I am not sure about your connection issue to your OctopusDeploy AWS instance, it seems like you have it correctly configured as far as I can tell. Are you able to connect to it from your TeamCity agent server without the runner? 

The incompatible agent message means that there are no agents that can run the OctopusDeploy Push Packages runner. It could be that the Linux agent you have does not meet the requirements for OctopusDeploy. Have you installed the requirements from their documentation?


I’m currently communicating with the OD team about the errors I experience in this regard...I was not aware that special software were required in regards to Linux/Ubuntu ... I will try to install it - but I don’t know how and where to setup the paths correct in Ubuntu - so if you could elaborate a bit more about this it would be just great! :-) Thank you so much!


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